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re: Raider Expectations, Attendance

Raider Expectations, Attendance

If you are a "Raider" or higher rank in this guild, it means or was assumed, that you want to raid. If this is you, there are expectations if you wish to be invited to a raid.

Pre-raid Preparation

    1. Raiding Addons
    Ventrilo and DBM are required for everyone.
    Decursive or similar non-default quick cleaning addon or capable raid frames are required for classes that can remove debuffs on friendly targets.

    2. Consumables
    Guild flasks and feasts are provided *AS AVAILABLE*.
    Food - Be prepared with your own as backup.
    Flasks/Elixirs - Be prepared with your own as backup.
    Health and/or Mana Pots

    Before every boss fight, we make sure we are fully buffed. Make sure you have enough consumables for the full length of raiding, 7:00-10:00pm server every raid. Guild bank repair funds are provided to raiders on a limited amount per day.

    3. Research & Knowledge
    Every raider should be prepared with the knowledge of boss encounters. This means, take the time to watch videos, read strategy sites, read the dungeon journal before raid day. (LFR DOES NOT COUNT!) Time is wasted explaining and re-explaining boss fights. You should at least have a general idea of what is going to happen and then listen for your assignments.

    Raiders should be aware of their individual roles and tricks they can bring to the table per encounter. Know your class, know your rotation.

    4. Effort to Max your Gear
    We do not require two "raiding" professions but we do require that you max your gear with the best available gems and enchants.

    Your gear should be gemmed, enchanted, and reforged before raid, including your off-set pieces in case you are called to use your off-spec.

    5. Off-Spec
    Raiders are expected to be flexible with their raiding role. Our intention is that you fulfill the same role consistently, but you may be asked to perform an alternate role depending on boss encounters and/or attendance. This means, you are expected to bring two raiding specs and PVE gear sets to raid nights. Notification of role changes will be given in advance when possible.

Attendance, Absences, Tardiness

Raiders are expected to respond to raid invites on the calendar in game.
- “Accepted” indicates you will be on time and available for specified raid night.
- “Declined” indicates you are unavailable to raid, even as a standby.
- “Tentative” indicates you are unsure if you will be available to raid.

Responding via calendar is never a replacement for communication. Please be vocal about your schedules and availability.

    1. Attendance
    We do not hold raiders to an attendance policy and will not kick you out of the guild for poor attendance. However, in respect to your fellow guild mates, you may lose your raiding spot if you are overly absent.

    2. Absences
    If you are unable to attend a raid, you are expected to provide notice beyond simply replying “declined”. It is preferred that you make a post in the AFK forum, but you may also let an officer know. 48 hours prior to your absence is a considerate time frame to allow us to find a replacement - but the earlier you can let us know, the better.

    3. Tardiness and Tentative
    Raiders are expected to be online, active, and accepting invites 15 minutes prior to raid. Raid starts at 7:00pm server, invites go out at 6:45pm, unless otherwise stated.

    If you are unsure of your availability for a raid night, please let us know by posting on the AFK forums or letting an officer know. Unless you tell us otherwise, 24 hours before raid, you will be considered unable to attend and we will begin searching for a replacement. If you log in after a replacement has been found, you will be placed on standby.

    If you are unable to logon at the expected 15 minutes until raid, please inform an officer as soon as possible. At 7:00pm, if you are not online, you will be considered a no show and we will begin finding your replacement.

During Raid
The raid is allotted one 10 minute break at the midway point. All other AFKs are expected to be kept minimal.

If you are experiencing latency or d/c issues that are preventing the raid from progressing, you may be asked to sit. That is up the discretion of the raid leader.


(1) About the Guild | (2) Raider Expectations, Attendance | (3) Raiding Loot and Bank Materials
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