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re: About the Guild

About Tortured Fate

Founded July 11, 2008 on Lightninghoof (RPPVP).
Transferred to Sisters of Elune (RPPVE) January 24, 2011.

Guild Atmosphere
Tortured Fate strives to be a family friendly guild and hosts a no drama/common sense policy. We are generally comprised of working adults. Most of our members are friends that have been playing together for a long time - even before the creation of the guild. We share respect for every one of our members and receive it in return. This kind of attitude allows our players to be relaxed and have fun.

Tortured Fate was established as, and continues to operate as, a raiding guild. However, we do try to give back to our non-raiding members by providing guild repairs, bank access, hosting non-raid guild events, and hosting non-progression raid nights. We are an old guild with old folks who place members before progression.

Raiding Atmosphere
TF is a 10 man casual progression raiding guild. We are casual in the sense that real life comes first for our members. We do not hold raiders to a strict attendance policy and do not kick members for inactivity.

    Progression 10 man raid night is Tuesday, 7-10pm CST (server time).

We push the hardest content we can which is decided on raid night based on the group make up. You can view our progression on the right side of the site.

Role Playing (RP)
TF is a non-RP guild and it would be very unlikely that you find RP from our members. We enjoy RPPVE servers because of the general maturity of their populations.

Player vs Player (PVP)
TF is a PVE oriented guild. Although it is not uncommon that members participate in BGs or arena teams. We welcome players that are interested in PVP, but do not promise PVP events. Members are encouraged to host events.

Chief Hubba - Guild Master - Mameha
Hubba Hubba - Officers
Raider - Active raid ready member
Member - Non-raiding guild member
Alt - Guild member alt
Initiate - Trial rank
Inactive - Characters who have been inactive for a long period of time

Raider Expectations, Attendance
Click here.

Raiding Loot and Bank Materials
Click here.
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